Pool Closing Form

Pool Closing Form

With cooler temps arriving, it's time to decide if closing your pool for the season is a good idea. Closing your pool for a few months, can save you time spent on weekly pool maintenance, money on chemicals and keep your pool equipment safe during the cooler months. Orenda Technologies published a great article on closing your pool for the season. Read it here.


Please note, we only close in-ground pools. We carry above ground winter covers and pool closing kits for your above ground pool.


Winterization Includes:


Customer Information
Pool / Service Information
Standard Winterization - $325.00
  • Drain pool filtration, heating, and plumbing equipment.
  • Blow out filtration line, equipment, install winter plugs and antifreeze protection to lines.
  • Fill and install water bags and air pillow if applicable. (water/air bags not included)
  • Remove salt cell and replace with blank cell if applicable. (blank cell not included and added to pool closing invoice if needed)

*Winter chemicals are not included but are added at closing if marked on contract. See pricing below. Please bring in a water sample prior to your closing so your water can be balanced for winter.*

Pool Closing Options

These are some of the options you can choose to supplement your pool closing.

Non- Automatic Pool Cover Installation

Winter Chemicals

Includes winter algaecide and winter shock

Additional Services

Notes for Service
Please note any additional services/supplies needed, water features, chemical needs, equipment locations, etc

Please Note: Closings will not be scheduled until a form of payment is put on file or pre-payment is made. Dates are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, weather permitting. You will be contacted confirming your date of service. We also do not close above ground pools.

Review Order
Review and Submit
Customer Information

Pool / Service Information
Notes for Service

1. TVPS will NOT perform any work/services other than what has been indicated on this contract.

2. TVPS will not be held responsible and/or liable for damages or added expenses caused by pre-existing conditions due to age and/or neglect of pool or spa prior to this contract. This includes but is not limited to liner, skimmer, or main drain leaks or any other condition that is suggested to be repaired prior to pool closing. TVPS will inform the homeowner of any possible issues and will document accordingly.

3. Upon winterization, TVPS will not be expected to be responsible for any missing/damaged items of pool equipment stored on homeowner’s property under their care.

4. TVPS will not drain your pool. If your pool is not at adequate level services will not be done.

5. Spa Closings: TVPS will record photographic proof that the spa is empty. TVPS is not responsible for freeze damage to spas due to leaking or damaged covers that allow water in.

6. Cancellation: TVPS reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of nonpayment. The customer may cancel this contract at any time before the date of completion by calling TVPS service department at (865) 622-7760.

7. Delays: In the event of sickness, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, TVPS may delay the completion of this contract. We will, however, do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.

8. Travel Charges: TVPS reserves the right to charge travel/mileage charges if location of pool/spa is outside of TVPS service radius.

9. Water features: If you have water features or accessories that you neglect to add to the form TVPS will open/winterize them and you will be charged accordingly.