Residential Pool Closing

Residential Pool CLOSING Service 


Closing your pool for the season is a big deal. If not done properly, it could lead to costly repairs or pipe replacements the following year, preventing you from enjoying those warm summer days ahead. We have the proper equipment and chemicals to do the job right. 


Winterization Includes:


  • Drain pool filtration, heating, and plumbing equipment.
  • Blow out filtration lines, equipment, install winter plugs, and add antifreeze protection to lines. (14 gallons of antifreeze are included. If the pool needs more due to long plumbing ran or water features, they will be billed accordingly.
  • Install ice protection container in skimmer.
  • Fill and install water bags and air pillows. (if applicable)
  • Remove salt cell and replace with blank cell. (if applicable) (blank off cells are not included)
  • Closing chemicals sold separately.


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