Pool Opening Form

Pool Opening Form

Your pool should be opened by a trained professional. We can identify potential problems that could lead to needed repairs and updates to your equipment to keep your pool running efficiently during the summer. We also provide tips and water care information for your pool.


During your pool opening, we will perform the following services:



A few notes on your opening.


During the winter months, your pool may have turned green or black depending on the water chemistry or weather when your pool was closed, this is normal and will take additional chemicals to clear up your pool. Usually, a pool will turn around in 1-3 days depending on the color or issue in the water. We will not add salt into your pool. You must get your water tested and purchase this separately to prevent a surplus of salt and having to drain the pool down. 


Please note this is not a pool cleaning. 

This service is to open the pools equipment and get it running/circulating. The chemical kit mentioed above will be added, the pool walls and floors will be brushed. The pool will only be vaccumed if it is requested below at an additional fee. This is considered a "blind vac" as most pools we will not be able to see the vacuum and is for a 30 minute time peroid. Your pool will still require some additional attention, chemicals and cleaning after the opening is completed. 


Winter covers, like mesh or tarps still allow debris into your pool while it is closed and will require you to vacuum your pool after it has been opened. Vacuuming is an additional service that must be requested in advance and added to your order for an additional charge. 


Any additional repairs that were not made during the off season, will be noted on your work order, and if it requires an additional service call, that is an additional charge for us to return to your pool after the remainder of the openings have been finished. Light repairs can be made, but not all repairs can and will be fixed during your opening.


Once your pool has been opened and circulating, please bring in a water sample within 2-3 days to our retail location at 10806 Kingston Pike in Knoxville. We will recommend the proper chemicals to add to your pool and any maintenance dosages needed to keep your pool healthy during the summer! We will have a spring chemical sale and pool school this spring as well, follow our Facebook page or make sure you are on our mailing list, so you don’t miss these dates.


We only open in-ground pools.


This year we have the option to request a chemical bundle in advance and our service team will deliver the bundle to you during your opening! Please see the details below and select which package you would like on your form. These are also available in our retail location for pick up.


Salt Bundle:

-Turboshock 78%  #25

-Defend Plus Algaecide 1QT

-Turbo Blue Clarifier 1QT

-Cell Protect 1QT


Original Price $233.95

Spring Sale Price: $199.99


Chlorine Tab Bundle:

3” Cleaning Tabs 25# Bucket

-Turboshock 25# Bucket

-Defend Plus 1QT

-TurboBlue Clarifier 1QT


Original Price: 419.96

Spring Sale Price 359.99


Salt $13.99 per bag

We can bring salt to your opening for you, but will not add it into the pool unless we see a recent water test. You can have your water tested at our retail location and add salt after the water has been tested and circulating.

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Pool Opening Options

These are some of the options you can choose to supplement your pool opening.

Check Any Additional Services

If you skipped this during closing season, we recommend doing it during your opening to preserve the life of your cell.
Price per 30 minutes. If this option is not requested in advance, we will not vacuum your pool the day of you opening. This is not a pool cleaning and debris may still be present.
Bundle Includes: -Turboshock 78% #25 -Defend Plus Algaecide 1QT -Turbo Blue Clarifier 1QT -Cell Protect 1QT Original Price $233.95 Spring Sale Price: $199.99
Bundle Indcludes: 3” Cleaning Tabs 25# Bucket -Turboshock 25# Bucket -Defend Plus 1QT -TurboBlue Clarifier 1QT Original Price: 419.96 Spring Sale Price 359.99
Additional Repairs Needed
Please note any additional repairs needed. We will be able to fix minor repairs, but large repairs, leaks or equipment replacements will require a separate visit and labor charge.
Important things to remember

- If a code (garage, gate, etc.) is needed for access to the pool, please provide it in the notes section when your opening is scheduled.
- Leave all opening equipment and accessories easily visible from pool and within 10 feet of pool edge.
- Please insure that electricity is turned on to pool equipment and electrical service is accessible during pool opening.
- Please make sure all water is pumped off cover or tarp before scheduled date. We will charge $50/half hour.
- Water chemistry- water cannot be balanced until the pool has circulated for 24-48 hours. For a free water analysis, bring a water sample to our storefront, Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc located at 10806 Kingston Pike, Knoxville TN 37934.

- A credit card number will need to be put on your profile prior to us completing the opening. If we do not have a credit card on file, your opening will be rescheduled.

- We will not fill the pool for you.


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Customer Information

Pool / Service Information
Additional Repairs Needed

- Water removal: Please make sure all water is pumped off cover or tarp before scheduled date. We will charge $50/half hour.
- Delays: In the event of sickness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc may delay the completion of this contract. We will, however, do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.
- Cancellation: Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of non-payment. The customer may cancel this contract at any time before the date of completion by calling Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc 865-622-7760 or emailing at [email protected]
- Scheduling: We will do our best to accommodate you on the dates requested. Contracts will be scheduled in the order they are received. If your choices are filled when we receive your contract, Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc will contact you for alternate times.
- Travel Charges: Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas, Inc reserves the right to charge travel / mileage charges of $1.00 per mile outside of a 30 mile radius from our store.
- A credit card must be put on file to schedule a pool opening. If we do not recieved a credit card number, we will not complete the opening.